Features & Technologies

Superior image reproduction and operation ease

Mitsubishi multimedia data/video LCD projectors are manufactured utilizing the latest technologies for superior image reproduction and operation ease, and are loaded with features to match diversified user needs. Each projector model is designed and constructed to uphold the quality and reliability synonymous with the Mitsubishi Electric name.

We have grouped the original technologies incorporated in the Mitsubishi multimedia data/video projector lineup into categories and listed the related features below. For a more detailed description, please click the icon of interest.


Advanced image and color enhancement technologies, most only available in Mitsubishi projectors, provide superior image and color reproduction. Whether showing still photographs and illustrations or replaying two motion-picture clips simultaneously, high picture and color quality are assured.


Innovative projector technologies introduced to assist in providing presentations with greater impact, like multiple data ports for data input from various sources, a picture-in-picture feature that shows images from two different sources simultaneously and digital interfacing compatible with analog and digital signals.


Developed especially for Mitsubishi multimedia data/video projector units. Projector models equipped with the network-ready hub can be hooked up to existing LANs instantly, and the optional diagnostics system allows remote monitoring and control.

Operating Environment

Projector technologies developed to assist in providing the best possible operating environment for presentations, including industry-leading low-noise operation, automatic color adjustment according to room illumination and image projection correction for use when a projector is sitting at an odd angle to the projection surface.

Operation Ease

Operating a projector has never been easier. Mitsubishi has incorporated a number of operator assistance technologies, such as placing a laser pointer and data source control buttons in the projector remote control unit, equipping the projector with a USB port and giving the operator the choice of what language the operation menu is to be displayed in.