On this page you’ll find a variety of useful, general documents and utilities for projectors and monitors.

Facts and FAQs about Projector Lamps & Lamp Life

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Usage Guidelines »


2012 Projector Reference Guide

Download the latest Projector Reference Guide


RS-232 Control Codes

Download the latest Projector and LCD monitor Control Codes »

MW-2100 Wireless Overview

Download the overview for the MW-2100


Interactive Pen Scaling Fix Driver for Macintosh

This driver for Macintosh OS is mean to correct any differences between the position of the interactive pen on the projected screen and the position of the cursor on the computer screen when using XD365U-EST/WD385U-EST in interactive mode.

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LAN Control Utilities

FD730U, WD720U and XD700U.

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EST Series (Full lineup)

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Projector Throw Distance Calculator

Download the latest version of the Projector Throw Distance Calculator (supports models FL7000U/LU, FL6900U, WL6700U/LU, WD2000, MH2850U, HL2750U, WL2650U, WD510U, WD500U-ST, HD4000, HL650U, WL639U, XL6600U/LU, XL6500U/LU, XL2550U, XD2000U, XL1550U, XD1000U, XL5980U/LU, XL5950U/LU, XL5900U/LU, X500U, XL30U, XL25U, XD490U, XD530U/E, EX53U/E, XD520U, EX52U, XD510U, EX51U, XD500U-ST, XD500U, XD211U, XD210U, XL650U, XL550U, XD480U, XD470U, XD460U, XD450U, XD435U, XD430U, XD420U, XD400U, XD350U, XD300U, XD206U, XD205U, XD110U, XD95U, XD90U, EX100U, EX10U, XL9U, XL8U, XL6U, XL5U, XL4U, XL2U, XL1XU, SD510U, SD210U, SD430U, SD420U, SD206U, SD205U, SD200U, SD110U, SD105U, ES100U, SL25U, SL6U, SL4SU, SL4U, SL2U, SE2U, HD8000, HC7000, HC6500, HC5500, HC1600, HC1100, HC6000, HC5000, HC4900, HC3100, HC3000, HC2000, HC1500, HD1000, HC910, HC900/HC900E, HC100, HC3, PK20)

Lamp Life Estimates

Lamp life is an estimated maximum only based on information from the lamp manufacturer. Mitsubishi’s estimate of lamp life does not extend or otherwise modify the warranty on the product or the lamp. Maximum lamp life is achievable only if the projector is used in an ideal operating environment. This includes a knowledgeable user, use of the projector in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, and a physical environment that is clean and properly air conditioned. To prevent overheating and lamp explosion, vents to the projector unit must always be kept clean and unclogged of dust by frequent dusting or cleaning.

MW-2100 Wireless Projector Drivers and Instructions

  1. Click on the “MW2100 Installation Software” to begin download
  2. When prompted, choose “Save” and designate a location on your computer to store the Installation Software pack to your computer
  3. When download is finished, locate and open the folder containing files in the download Installation Software pack. Please note, the installation file is compressed in the ZIP format. Select all files and uncompress these files useing a compatible extraction file (i.e. WINZIP or PKZIP) to a desired file location.
  4. Locate and run “PC2TVSetup.EXE” file
  5. Read and accept the terms in the license agreement and click “Next”
  6. Select “View Readme Now” and follow the instruction to complete hardware installation
  7. Reboot computer to complete the installatio

Splash Screen Program

Download a splash screen program utility for SL25, XL25 and XL30:

Mitsubishi Digital Signage Bundle Player Firmware & Software

Mitsubishi Digital Signage Player User Guides

Monitor Overview Videos

Limitation of Liability

Mitsubishi will not be liable to you for any special, indirect, or consequential damages (including, without limitation any loss of revenue, profits, or data) arising in connection with this application, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and its authorized distributors have no responsibility of answering for the enquiries about this application.