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Engaging, economical digital signage displays

take a look at our variety of widescreen LCD monitors. Digital signage enables you to create more effective in-store messaging to build brand loyalty and image, and get immediate merchandizing response. Or use them to draw attention to important public service information and quickly change when updates are needed.

Bigger Impact with Brilliant Images and Reduced Glare

Significantly higher resolution, beautiful display brightness, dramatically reduced glare and lower energy and space requirements are just a few of the benefits of a Mitsubishi LCD monitor. Whatever your needs, our LCD monitors offer a superior solution.

A Flexible and Dynamic Digital Workhorse

Advanced LCD monitors are flexible and deliver faster video response time, a wider viewing angle, higher brightness and contrast ratio for high-impact messaging. Use an LCD monitor as a single display or tile several displays into a vibrant video wall. Engage and inform with these cost-effective and economical digital signage solutions:

  • Create more effective in-store messaging inform and connect with your customers
  • Build brand identity and image in a variety of consumer environments
  • Generate immediate merchandising response
  • Present information as a public service in large public venues
  • Place attention-grabbing displays in lobbies, employee break areas, demo rooms, customer service centers and trade show booths

Cost-effective and Energy-efficient for Enhanced ROI

Choosing Mitsubishi LCD monitors will help with the overall costs of your digital signage deployment. Automatic power saving and power cycling avoids image persistence and extends monitor life. With sizes ranging from 32" and up, there&rsqou;s bound to be a Mitsubishi LCD monitor or LED display that will fit your display and digital signage requirement. And our 3-year warranty on LCD panels and monitor parts and labor includes extended support hours plus Mitsubishi Express Monitor Official Service (MEMOS).